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About Vastu Rectification

About Vastu Rectification

In a perfect world all houses would be planned and built from the ground up in accordance with the ancient principles of vastu and sthapatyaved, which support the experience of pure consciousness and success of the inhabitants.

But for now we have many homes and buildings in need of an energetic fix, which is the role of vastu rectification.

Vastu rectification is a process in which the principles of Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural science, are applied to correct or harmonize the energy flow in a building or space. Vastu Shastra indicates that the physical layout and design of a structure have a significant impact on the well-being and success of its occupants.

During the rectification process, our Vastu consultant assesses the existing layout, orientation, and energy flow of the building. We identify any imbalances or negative influences that may be affecting the occupants’ health, relationships, finances, or overall harmony. Based on these findings, specific remedies or adjustments are recommended to mitigate the negative energies and enhance the positive vibrations in the space.

Rectification methods in general can vary depending on the specific issues identified, but they often involve simple yet effective changes. For example, adjusting the placement of furniture, altering the direction of doors and windows, incorporating specific colors or elements, and using symbolic objects like mirrors, crystals, or plants.

These adjustments are aimed at aligning the building with the cosmic energies and the five elements of nature (earth, water, fire, air, and space), creating a more balanced and harmonious environment.

In Vastu Pyramid rectification we primarily utilize carefully constructed configurations and placements of pyramidal structures to make corrections to energetic imbalances in homes that are hampered by improper orientation of the building on the property, orientation in relation to the four cardinal directions, poorly placed entrances, and unfortunate choices of room function in relation to placement in the building.

The goal of vastu rectification is to create a positive and conducive atmosphere that promotes physical health, mental well-being, prosperity, and success. By optimizing the energy flow within a building,  individuals can experience improved relationships, increased productivity, better concentration, and overall happiness.

Vastu rectification examples

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The center of any house or building is called the Brahmasthan. This is where cosmic energy first enters the structure. Placing specific pyramid products here amplifies positive effects.

Room shift

When the kitchen, master bedroom, study room, staircase, or meditation room are located in the wrong location we use a specific pyramid to shift the energies of that room to the proper location, as if the room was properly placed.

The proper locations are:

  • Kitchen: South-east corner
  • Master bedroom: Southwest corner
  • Meditation room: Northeast corner
  • Staircase: West of the house
  • Study room or office – Northwest corner

Anything else should be rectified.

Main Entrance

The main entrance should be in the East or North for success and wealth.

If the door is located in the

  • Northwest
  • West
  • Southwest
  • South
  • or Southeast

we place a special strip of pyramids on the inside and outside of each door to reduce negative effects.

In addition we activate positive energies by putting  a “Fortune Door” pyramidal object on the wall  in the location where the door should ideally have been built.


In many custom homes or apartments there are bathrooms connected to bedrooms, et al.

The process of elimination from the body discharges negative energy into an interior space.

We have a pyramidal device to be placed in the bathroom to eliminate these effects, and we also use a strip of pyramids to be placed over the door that connects the bathroom to adjoining rooms.

Vastu Fence

A vastu fence is created with pyramids buried in the ground around the house.

This protects the building from external negativity, natural calamities and also negative energies from neighbors,  hospitals, jails, police stations, cemeteries and religious building.