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The Pyramid Connection

Vastu Pyramid is a scientific method of energy balancing to achieve optimum health, prosperity and success. These concepts include time-tested techniques to help rectify existing land, home, office and more. A precise combination of techniques invites cosmic energy, revitalize your body and gives peak performance. It’s a tool that combines pyramid space and Vastu Yantra. (see Vastu page)

Vastu Pyramid Connection

Vastu Pyramids can bring positive benefits in various areas of life…

Pyramid Vastu is a holistic science of creating harmony and balance of subtle energies of the supreme being, planets, earth and man-made or natural objects with us. Knowledge of Pyramid Vastu helps us bring out our best to fulfill our dreams and desires. Pyramid Vastu is a supreme way to live with the whole.

Dr. Jiten Bhatt

Subtle Changes

Installing a Vastu Pyramid for building rectification brings subtle yet transformative changes, manifesting as increased happiness, positive shifts in attitude, and tangible improvements that can enhance various aspects of life.

Wealth & Prosperity

Experience the transformative power of pyramids to attract prosperity and fulfillment. By installing a Vastu pyramid you can bring increased abundance and true happiness by enriching your life with its positive energies.

Marriage & Love

Experience the transformative power of a Vastu pyramid to enrich love, harmony, and marriage. Nurture lasting happiness and strengthen relationships, creating an environment that enhances personal and romantic well-being.

Family & Peace

To foster profound family harmony, it is good intall Vastu application before relocating to a new house. This powerful practice not only safeguards your family but also nurtures an environment conducive to lasting harmony and well-being.

Helps your business

Invite the beneficial impact of Vastu Pyramid for your business. Utilize the Pyramid power to attract good fortune and increase financial abundance in your shop, office, or factory, fostering growth, prosperity and success.

Education & Children

Vastu Pyramid has the potential to enhance children’s concentration, health, and vitality. Experience the positive impact of Pyramid energy, promoting overall well-being and creating an environment conducive to their growth and development.

Career & Workplace

Allow the benefits of pyramid installation to enhance your chances of promotions, navigate career or business changes, and improve sales, cash flow, and job opportunities, paving the way for greater success in your endeavors.

Protection & Purification

Vastu Pyramid can safeguard main entry doors from negative energy and can be utilized for safety in cars and other purposes, providing protection and positive vibrations.

Pyramids in Temples

Vastu Pyramid in temples can amplify positive energies, promotes harmony, and creates a sacred atmosphere, enhancing spiritual experiences and facilitating deep meditation and clearer connection with the divine.