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Vastu Rectification Certificate Workshop

About the Workshop

The Vastu Certification weekend workshop offers valuable knowledge on selecting and installing Vastu pyramids in an a home or office that was not built using the principles of Vastu, aiming to enhance both the health and wealth of the occupants. This workshop explores innovative and scientifically backed methods to achieve a balanced energy flow, promoting optimum health, prosperity, and success. These techniques include proven approaches to address existing issues with land, homes, offices, and more.

By skillfully combining pyramid space and Vastu Yantra, this workshop enables the invitation of cosmic energy to revitalize the body and unlock peak performance. As you implement these practices, subtle shifts may occur, such as an increase in happiness or a change in overall outlook on life. Additionally, occupants may also experience more tangible transformations.

Gaining this skill makes you a valuable asset to your family, friends and clients. We provide a certificate of completion at the conclusion of your studies.

Vastu Rectification Certificate Workshop

How to sign up

This course takes place over the weekend, with two 2.5 hour sessions each day.  We schedule a course once we get a minimum of 5 applicants. The course fee is $300. Please express your interest by sending an email to vastudesignstudio@gmail.com. Once we have enough applicants we will contact you with the dates for the class, and to arrange payment via PayPal or Zelle.